• Rizwhan Suleman

ICAHT Gain General Naturopathic Council Accreditation!

Updated: Feb 24, 2018

Member Graduates of the ICAHT Full Practitioner Certification Program have now been recognised by the General Naturopathic Council in the UK as Associate Naturopaths.

After over 1 year of consolation the General Naturopathic Council (GNC) has formally invited ICAHT practitioner Members to join its register as Associate Naturopathic Practitioners from February 2018. The move has come after communications began between ICAHT and the GNC this time last year, in relation to the overlap of material covered by ICAHT students and the philosophy and principles taught in both disciplines. It was clear that the common denominators of Naturopathic medicine were present in ICAHT practitioners and the education they received at the Institute of Clinically applied Hijama therapy was at the appropriate level and depth to be included in the national register for naturopaths, however specific areas of the naturopathic curriculum such as the history of naturopathic medicine and specific elements of comparative nutrition were lacking in the ICAHT curriculum and have since been added as an add-on module.

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