• Rizwhan Suleman

Heavy Weight Boxer Derek Chisora Gets Wet Cupping!

Derek Chisora, one of the UK's most notorious and controversial boxing personalities has joined the list of high profile athletes that is using Hijama and cupping therapy for his health maintenance and recovery. In general, boxers are exposed to a wide range of injuries both in and out of the ring as competing at an international level and winning belts takes a lot of hard work, rigorous training and serious dedication. Derek recognises the importance of keeping his body well maintained and reached out to ICAHT to arrange some treatment. He has started a program of care that will prepare him for his upcoming fights as he sees the therapy as a key ingredient to his success in his sporting career.

Above picture of Dr Rizwhan of the Institute of Clinically Applied Hijama Therapy providing cupping therapy to Derek Chisora at his home located a private farm just outside central London.

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