Cant attend in person? No problem. Join our online study programs instead. 

Online Courses

In addition to the practical workshops and blended learning programs offered at the institute, we also offer a number of online classes tught by video lectures and online media. The content is almost always captured from our live events or workshops and is both, video recorded and edited for online viewing via our online teaching portal. With downloadable notes and push button video playlists of our classes, you can simulate the experience of attending our live classes with the added comfort of your own home and at the leisure of your own schedule. Whats even better is that with most of our online programs, if you later choose to attend the live version of the same class we will refund you the difference! So our online students would never pay more for a class even if they later attend it in person.  

Advanced Dry Cupping Therapy Online Masterclass

This online masterclass is designed to educate practitioners on the scientific basis and clinical applications of cupping therapy or myofascial decompression technique in its various forms. It explores the physiological mechanisms that make cupping therapy the treatment of choice for a number of high performance athletes and provides a structured way of understanding and minimising risks and side effects associated with the practice.

Using a combination of lecture based study and live demonstrations students will gain an advanced understanding to the practice exploring a wide array of advanced cupping techniques and practices used in musculoskeletal medicine and high-end performance therapy.

This workshop is a CPD workshop for health professionals already in clinical practice but opens a pathway to those new to clinical practice. After studying this program you will be entitled to a £199 discount on any single future advanced dry cupping therapy live masterclasses. 

Please note that this is an online course (not live). 

Course Fee: £199

Clinical Anatomy For Hijama Therapists

Be guided through the human body in our detailed study of clinically applied anatomy. This comprehensive clinical education programme allows learners to become familiar with all human structures and anatomical landmarks. Ideal for cupping therapy practitioners who have hands on experience with patients but wish to expand their knowledge and skill set to appreciate the human body with the same level of understanding as qualified clinicians. With a structured learning format, the course allows students to study over ten hours of clinical anatomy lectures via distance learning in the leisure of their own homes.

This online course is a Introduction to anatomical structures of the upper and lower body and serves as an important underpinning base of knowledge. The scope of the course includes bones, joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments, as well as other tissues related to the musculoskeletal system such as fascia, cartilage, bursae and retinacula. Overall it provides the learner with an applied practical understanding of anatomy which is important to ensure technical competence and safety.

Learning Outcomes

For the module students must achieve the following outcomes:

1) Demonstrate knowledge and the location of basic structural musculoskeletal anatomy.
2) Demonstrate basic practical palpation of musculoskeletal anatomy.
3) Demonstrate basic understanding of the functions of anatomical tissues in the body.

As an added bonus students who opt to study this program but later chose to enrol onto stage 2 of the ICAHT diploma the fees paid for this class will be offset as a discount on the fees of the stage 2 program.  

Course Fee £350
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