Do you have what it takes to become an ICAHT Certified Hijama Practitioner?

Are you someone who is fascinated with the human body, hold a strong passion and interest in natural health and love to help and care for other people?


Do you want to take control of your own health through an in-depth understanding of how the body works and in turn allow that knowledge to help empower you to make a positive change to the people in your community?


Are you frustrated with your current working arrangements in which there is no real job satisfaction or career progression and find that your work environment is not contributing to your personal and spiritual growth?


If the answer to all of these questions is a yes, then a new career as a hijama practitioner may be the key to helping you gain freedom and flexibility in your work, while providing you the motivation and job satisfaction to be able to love what you do everyday.


With the growing popularity of complementary medicine and a general dissatisfaction of conventional drug based medical care, there is not a better time to consider getting involved in the field of Hijama or cupping therapy. With high performance athletes and pop stars leading trends that encourage the use of the practice, more and more people are seeking this form of care then ever before.


The team of doctors and practitioners who teach at our institute have the capacity to help you become competent and safe, not just in the practice of hijama but also in the management of people’s health conditions by teaching you all there is to know about how the human body functions and how to influence it out of disease states and into natural healthy and optimised functionality.


Regardless of your current level of knowledge and understanding, here at ICAHT, we are able to help you transition into a proficient and confident hijama and cupping practitioner. Whether you are a health professional looking to add new skills to your portfolio of practices or a single mum who wants to re-enter the world of education and learning, our leading teaching program is flexibly designed to suit your lifestyle needs.

Course Structure

The ICAHT Practitioner Certification Program is split into an easy to digest 3 stage process suitable for distance learning and scheduled on a flexible

time scale to allow you to study at your own pace and around your personal commitments. 

stage 1

Online Study Via Video  Lectures, Detailed Study of Clinical Sciences

& Scientific Study of Dry Cupping


Stage 2

Online Study Via Video  Lectures, Detailed Study of Clinical Anatomy

& Scientific Study of Wet Cupping

Stage 3

Further Online Study Via Video Lectures, 50+hrs Clinical Internship & Practical Assessments


Ongoing Clinical Support, Weekly Facebook Live, Base Rate Supplies, Insurance, Business Support & Mentorship

Course Design

Our ICAHT Diploma involves a blended learning format allowing our students the flexibility to study in their own time without compromising on the quality and level of education we were providing.  All of our original live classroom lectures have been video-recorded so that the theoretical study elements of the course can be studied via distance learning in the comfort of our students own homes and around their own timeframes to suit their circumstances.

Stage 1 and 2 of the ICAHT diploma are online study modules. The content is delivered primarily through our engaging video lectures which come with supplementary printable handouts and are accessed via our online teaching portal. There is online interaction via our commenting feature as well as direct access to instructors via email, WhatsApp and telephone conversations to mitigate the lack of face to face interaction. 

There are multiple choice questions after each lecture to provide the students feedback on how much they have grasped and there are also end of stage exams that allow us to gage the student's level of understanding before progressing to the following stages.

Only once the student has satisfied the requirements of stages 1 & 2 are they considered suitable to enter stage 3 to partake in their clinical internship. The internship requires physical attendance and many students both national and international benefit from this experience a great deal.


For international students we are able to condense all the practical attendance requirements up into a 2 week window making it much easier to complete than our previous set up. What students take away from this aspect of the course is extremely valuable as it provides exposure to a wide range of cases and practical experience (seeing up to 40 patients a day in our teaching clinic) that helps build the confidence and abilities that make our practitioners the best at what they do. It is this differentiation that ensures success in clinical practice as your abilities will play a big part in ensuring your success.

Fee Structure

Each stage of the full practitioner certification program is priced separately. The first stage is £399 and includes over 20hrs of video lectures and covers some detailed study into the science of hijama. Stage 2 costs £799 and includes almost 40hrs of video lectures in hijama study including a detailed study of clinical anatomy which as a standalone module is taught in universities at a cost of over £3500! The last and final stage of the study program involves a clinical internship with additional online study and costs £999. There are also 2 optional live workshops available for students to attend which are run throughout the year which cost £150 each, although these are not compulsory they allow students to meet each other and the teachers as well as give an opportunity to practice the skills studied online in person before the clinical placement.  


In total the fees for the individual segments all together totals at just £2497.


However if you opt for our full commitment program (which means you commit to completing all 3 stages) you qualify for our discounted rate of just £1999 all inclusive for which there are various payment plans available. 


Click below to apply or call us on 01163400786 -

you will then be contacted to arrange a chat with our course advisor.

Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between Hubsight & Hubsight View?

The normal version of Hubsight's intented use is to replace your mouse with your phone. It's recommended when you can see your device's screen. While Hubsight View is intended to be used when you are away from your device and want to control it remotely and want to see its screen.

What kind of handlers do Hubsight & View support?

Hubsight currently only supports a UDP connector. In oder words, you can only use it on local network. Hubsight View support UDP, TCP & MQTT connectors, which means that your devices can be connected to different network and can still build a connection.

I can't connect

First, ensure yourself that the application is open and you have entered the correct IP adress. Here's how: 1) Type "Hubsight" in the windows search bar. 2) Click on "Open" 3) In the taskbar, click on the "Show hidden icons" arrow and right click on Hubsight's logo and select "Show IP". 4) Open the Hubsight app on your mobile device and ensure the IP is typed correctly. If the setps above did not work, make sure that the following port is open in the firewall (UDP): 54323 In the rare case of the port being open and you're still not able to connect contact us via Live Chat or via email: with your logs.txt file.

Is it really free?

Yes! It's completely free of charge for either personal or commercial use :)

Windows Defender detects Hubsight as malware

This is commonly known as a "false-positive". Hubsight, nor Hubsight View do not contain any sorts of malware. The reason why Windows Defender thinks it's a virus is because of our installer is not yet certified. We're working on that.

I have correctly typed the IP and I'm still not able to control my desired device.

Please go to the input field in the mobile Hubsight app and press enter on your keyboard.

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