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Newly Qualified! .... But where from here?

After completing your hijama education you may be eagerly awaiting to land on the new leaf of life that gives you the financial freedom you've long been waiting for. If your visions of becoming a health leader in your community who has enough time to treat 100's of patients while balancing life in a way that allows you to focus on your physical and spiritual health, doing the things you love to do, with those who mean the most to you, have not quite fallen into motion, then I would like to reassure you that you are not alone. There is more to becoming a successful practitioner than learning and understanding clinical skills. Just like the smartest kids in school never become the most successful people in life, the highest achieving students don't aways become the most successful practitioners. The reason to this is, there is a lot more to it than that. 

At ICAHT our mission is to make sure that all our students utilise the gifts that they have been given because we want them to apply themselves and the profession of hijama in the highest possible standard, and to make a positive impact upon the world. For many, getting started is the biggest hurdle and doing it in an efficient way that is sustainable and rewarding is also a big challenge. Most practitioners do this alone and it is a journey that can be very long and taxing on a physical, financial and emotional level.   

We know very well that working as an independent hijama practitioner can be a very daunting experience. People can often have the perception that you are a health expert that has the answer to every problem. Their is often an assumption that you automatically have an in-depth knowledge of everyones ailments, combined with an expectation that they will be cured after just one session with you.  Dealing with the challenges of answering the endless number of patient questions, deciding on how to manage each case, learning how to balance your finances, making sure that you are up to date with the most recent knowledge, knowing how to deal with and prevent the inevitable reality of patient complaints,  prioritising  the best interests of the patient, deciding how to charge appropriately for your services, marketing, accounting, maintenance, family and the list goes on...


All of this can be extremely overwhelming and leave you questioning what you signed up for in the first place. Your genuine intentions of helping others and giving back to the community can be spoilt by the frustrations of people undervaluing you and the services you offer, questioning your motives and even ridiculing your new professional venture with sentiments that make you feel like it will never work. Unfortunately for some this is enough to make them turn their backs on the profession and throw in the towel. For ICAHT practitioners however this is not the case as the organisation has been structured to include an ongoing support network that provides opportunities for personal and professional development with ongoing guidance and mentorship that promotes growth. This makes sure that every individual has the resources to deal with the challenges that they face often prior to them even occurring. 

Gone are the days where hijama practitioners worked alone as isolated individuals. The frustrations of not being able to share your experiences, challenges & dificulties with like minded individuals are no more. 

ICAHT Membership

The ICAHT Membership association is a subscription based professional body that fulfils a multitude of purposes to serve both hijama practitioners and the general public.  There are a wide range of benefits that member practitioners gain some of which include:

Base Rate Supplies

ICAHT members benefit from the advantage of having base rated supplies giving them a huge advantage on not only sourcing the best supplies but also attaining them at prices that are unmatchable outside of membership. For example, amongst many of the other hugely discounted members supplies are single use disposable (B Cup) hijama cups that are priced at only 16p per cup. Not only are these cups well below the market value which ranges between 21p-55p per cup but to purchase the same cups at a similar price without membership would require a minimum order of 10,000 cups. To allow our members a financial advantage in their practice we supply these cups at this price without a minimum order quantity at to encorage their success in practice as well as to avoid any interuptions in their business's cash flow.

Discounted Professional Insurance

Base Rate Supplies

Ongoing Clincal Support

Regular Facebook Live Classess

Continous Professional Development

Public Confidence

Recognition & Validation


We all know there is power in numbers, organising into a unified body has its advantages when it comes to both national and international representation. ICAHT has stood to represent it's member practitioners as well as the the profession of hijama at large on a number of occasions relating to public relations, regulation via public health consultations and meetings with interested parties such as the general naturopathic council and focus groups.